About The Mobility Cards

The Mobility Cards is a deck of  49 different cards which are are split into 5 categories:

First Cards, Knowledge Cards, Pre Training Cards, Training Cards and Post Training Cards.

The First Cards are about the creation of the MC and the set up of the cards. 

The Knowledge cards talk about the benefits of exercising both mentally and physically and specifically why and how the MC cards will greatly improve the quality of life and help in preventing falls, injuries and chronic diseases.

The Pre-Training Cards, The Training Cards and The Post-Training Cards all come with one exercise per card, and each card contains both pictures that show the exercise and bullet points that explain the exercise.

The Training Cards are split into 7 groups of 5 cards (so 5 exercises) and the groups are colour coded, making it very easy to distinguish between the groups.

Each time you train; you do one group.

You have the order, the sets and reps all maped out for you.

You need no equipment, and the exercises can be done anywhere by anyone. 

Once you have done all the groups, you start with the first group again.

The exercises are simple, specific and very effective.

Scientifically designed for optimum Wellbeing, Vitality and Vigour.