My name is Svava and I am from Iceland. I moved to London in 2004 to study and have lived there with my daughter ever since. I am a qualified personal trainer, a dancer, a yoga teacher and a nutritionist. I own a very successful health and wellness company called The Viking Method. Every minute of the day I have Vikings all over the world training with me; through my online training, my bestselling book The Viking Method, on YouTube and through workshops, festivals and one to one sessions.

I love taking care of people and their wellbeing but whilst I have trained and helped so many people of all ages throughout my years as a health professional, I have also discovered there is a group of people who are not being taken care of. The people who aren’t part of the technology generation glued to their smartphones – even for workouts.

We are talking about those who are not able to join a gym, or don’t have the resources to employ a trainer. The people who have done little to no training before but still want to feel able and active. A huge portion of the population over 60 years old fall into this forgotten group. And that is not good enough. Therefore, I teamed up with my mother Birna (who herself is 60 plus) and we created The Mobility Cards.

The Mobility Cards are simple, need no equipment or gadgets and can be followed anywhere, by anyone. The older you get, the more important it is that you exercise your body. And all the things I specialise in, become even more important: Functionality, strength, balance, co-ordination, flexibility.

But exercise can be daunting, especially as we mature. You might have more aches and pains or lack confidence in your body and strength. If this is the case the Mobility Cards are your secret weapon. They are a complete, scientifically-designed, age-appropriate plan to help you take care of your physical health from top to toe.

Wellbeing, Vitality and Vigour.

We got this.